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The value of tradition

Hotel Lilla - Terlago Valle dei Laghi

"We have always worked hard to deliver the finest hospitality, provide a warm welcome and ensure friendly service.

These values aren’t something we've just come up with - they're the result of long-standing traditions handed down from generation to generation of hoteliers. In 2014, our years of dedication were recognised by the Autonomous Province of Trento as a “BOTTEGA STORICA TRENTINA” [HISTORIC TRENTO ESTABLISHMENT], a certification bestowed on businesses that have been running in the area for over 50 years.
That’s why we work so hard to protect these principles and the precious experience we’ve accrued. And we try to draw on all of this as we strive to make our guests feel at ease - as if they were in their own homes.

This is our daily goal - this has always been our philosophy.

Bonetti Family - Hotel Lilla